Best in Show

Tuscan Sunset
Tuscan Sunset

Every February is the Virginia Professional Photographers Association Convention.  Along with studying under some of the top photographers in the nation and abroad, we also hold print competition.  This year we had 76 cases entered, with over 400 prints to be judged by nationally affiliated judges.  The categories include Portrait of Woman, Portrait of Man, Portrait of Group, Bride, Social Event, Commercial, Pictorial, Architecture, and more.  Each image is judged and scored according to 12 elements, including:  Impact, Creativity, Technical Excellence, Composition, Lighting, Style, Print Presentation, Center of Interest, Subject Matter, Color Balance, Technique, and Story Telling.  A score above 80 is considered Deserving a Merit.  While 80 seems attainable, it can be difficult to achieve.  Many of us walk away with the oh so popular, 79…  At the end of competition the Merit prints are then judged for awards in each category.  Phew…  As if we haven’t already gone through enough.

Exciting news!!!  I was so elated when my image, Tuscan Sunset, earned Best in Show in Architecture!  Thank you to all those who helped me achieve such an accomplishment.  You mean so much to me and I appreciate your generosity.

Now let’s get to work for  Nationals!