National Zoo

Yesterday we went to the DC National Zoo.  What a great time!  We were excited to see the Panda Bears.  So we headed over to their neck of the woods.  It was a beautiful day outside so we thought they would be out enjoying the weather.  But alas, they were not.  So we wandered around and found them having a mid day snack.

Yum, Eucalyptus.

Then we found a couple of playful otters.  They were tossing and tumbling in the water.  It was quite entertaining to watch.

The Gorillas were nibbling on some grass.  Wherever I went to get a photograph of them, they went the other way.  The stinkers.

And of course an Orangutan

And we enjoyed some time with the reptiles.  There are a lot of types of snakes.  This little guy, a Caiman, wasn’t to happy we were looking at him.  He is in the same family as alligators and crocodiles.  And we learned he has no commercial value, like being made into boots or purses.  His skin is quite armor like.

Don’t you hate it when someone takes a picture of you sleeping with your tongue hanging out.  So sorry Blue Iguana, but it was to hard to resist.

And a few beautiful Lionesses lazing about.

And playing with the cubs.

What a beautiful Tiger.  I loved the light in the afternoon.  This image is my favorite of the day.

I love learning.  We learned so much about these amazing animals and enjoyed the opportunity to see them.