Infant Series- Strollers By Haley Roberts

Post by Haley Roberts

Today we bring our Infant Information Series to a close. It has been such fun researching the best baby products out there and I hope that there has been something among the various posts you have found to be helpful!


Did you know the first known stroller to be invented was used in 1733? Designed for the third Duke of Devenshire by William Kent, a garden architect from England, the first stroller was designed in the shape of a shell and pulled by-wait for this- a GOAT! Soon all wealthy families were requesting mini baby carriages of their own and it wasn’t until many years later that they came equipped with a handle for parental or nanny guidance. So what that means is the “nanny” dog seen in the Disney Classic “Peter Pan” was not too far from the truth in the late 1700’s. The dog, or small pony truly was responsible for pulling the baby in the carriage. Interesting! To find out more about the history of strollers CLICK HERE.


1. What do you need a Stroller for? List out all possible uses and intentions. 

There are millions of brands and styles out there on the market. It is important to make a list of what and where you intend to use your stroller in order to purchase the best one(s) for your family. Here are a few examples of what I mean.

For the active, outdoors family. If your family is very active and you plan to run, hike, off-road, etc with your stroller in tow you will want strollers specifically designed to be used with these types of activities. Off roading bikes typically have shocks in place so that the baby will not be jostled as your make your ways over uneven rocks/dirt areas and a five part harness for safety. They also glide like a dream. The wheels have heavy duty tires for better traction. The BEST brands for this type of stroller in my opinion are the off-roading strollers made by BOB and the Chicco S3 All Terrian 3 Wheel Stroller.  Jog 2_BOB SUS Single Stroller_big

The Traveling Family. If you are a high travel family that has many airplane, train, or bus trips in your future, you will likely want to invest in a umbrella stroller. Compact and lightweight, they meet the TSA standard guidelines, fold and unfold easily, take up very little space, and they get the job done. I also love mine when shopping. You never realize how small the aisles in the store are until you try to maneuver your off-roader through them. Any basic one will do. I like the ones from Target for this type of stroller because they are cute and basic.

The ALL purpose Stroller. These types of strollers typically grow with your child. They have the ability to have the car seat attached or snap into the stroller while your baby is still young, but as your child grows, they can sit comfortably in just the stroller itself. There are so many types of this stroller! You can get it as a double seat, single, with swivel front wheel or stationary. You name it-it’s out there! For an example, CLICK HERE. Note* I found these strollers to be cumbersome and not lightweight. Be sure to test your stroller before buying and save yourself the frustration.

2. What is your current or future family planning? Think about how many children you are having or plan to have. If you are having multiples or plan on having another child in another year or so, perhaps you should invest in a two-seater rather than a one seater. And for daycare or moms who have many more kids-CHECK  OUT THIS STROLLER! I found that fascinating! six_seat_stroller

3. What is the safety rating, durability, and quality of the stroller?

Harness: Is it a five point or 3 point? It should be easily adjustable but also not loose. It should also be easy for you to open and close but not for your child. If you have an all-in-one stroller your car seat should securely attach to the stroller.

Reclining Feature: How far back does it go? Does it recline at all? Will it hold up over time? Is it easy to adjust? Is the baby protected from the sun in the reclining position and it the upright position?

Creature Features: How is the storage? If there is not enough storage you may be tempted to place things unsafely on the stroller, causing it to tip. Is there a drink holder? Does the handle adjust up and down for different parent heights? Is there a rain guard/Shield included or as an option? Does it come with a sun shield?

Footrest: Footrests for children are not only more comfortable but they keep little feet from potentially being scrapped or run over by the wheels.

Brakes: Safety and durable brakes are a MUST. The brakes can keep your sweet baby from rolling away from you on uneven surfaces. The best brakes are linked to the wheels on both sides.

Collapsability: How easy is it to collapse the stroller? Will you fight with it constantly? Is it secure or can it potentially collapse on your baby. Practice with the models in the stores.

*Read ratings and reviews online! They are a great resource for you and your family!

4. How does the stroller you have selected move? Do the brakes constantly get jostled down causing you to trip up. (There are strollers out there that do this. Keep in mind you get what you pay for!) Are the wheels able to move in all directions (swivel) or are the stationary in one direction? Again try them in the store and weave them through the aisles.

The good news is there are so many options on the market you will be able to find the right product and brand for you and your growing family. Best advise I can give is take your time. Allow yourself to go see what products are out there and do not buy the first one you look at. Unless it is a Bob stroller. There is no denying how wonderful those strollers are. They are so lightweight and they glide so smoothly, I am telling you  it feels like they walk themselves.

Again, we have enjoyed sharing this series with you and hope you have enjoyed reading it.  Please provide us with feedback about what you would like us to research next for you!


VPPA review

Post by Stephanie

Last week was the Virginia Professional Photographers Association (VPPA) annual convention.  This year I was in charge of registration.  Which is always fun to get to know more of the members.  Next year will be my turn to plan the entire convention.  Wish me luck!  I’m going to need it.

We always have a good time visting and catching up with our photographer friends from across the state, learning from other professional photographers across the nation, and entering our images in print competition to see how we can improve.  This year I was awarded Court of Honor in the Pet/Animal category.  It was a wonderful surprise.  With the struggles I’ve had with this pregnancy I have not been able to dedicate much time to other things so I was excited the judges enjoyed this image.

Stephanie's Portrait Design

Piper is so sweet and beautiful and it was a pleasure to photograph her.  I really love this image and it is one of my favorite pet portraits.

I was also honored to received the Virginia degree, Fellow of Photography.  It is truly an honor and privilege to learn and work along side some of the best and most talented photographers in Virginia and around the country.

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