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Natalie – RVA Tween Photographer, Who I Am Project

It was a great honor to photograph Natalie for a Who I Am session. She is truly a remarkable young lady with a big heart and bit of a sweet tooth.

Natalie enjoys playing soccer, writing, drawing, and cooking. She loves to eat – sushi, noodles, mac and cheese, anything sweet, bread, lasagna, all fruits, jumbalaya, and bok choy.

“Last summer my family brainstormed a weekend summer camp for my sister and I. We invited all of our friends and had glow wars, painting, balloon fights, and camping. It was so much fun because it all happened right at our house. We all got eaten alive by mosquitoes and compared our number of bug bites. We had morning yoga and “hunted” for bagels in the trees. It was a huge blast and I loved every minute.” -Natalie

“I have been to many places in the world but still none as beautiful as Scotland.  we stayed for 2 weeks; 1 at my mother’s best friend’s family’s house, and the other at a sheep farm. The first week was fantastic, we went on rope swings in their meadows and played dress up with their old clothes. I was allowed to keep one of the dresses and didn’t grow out of it until last year. Then, the second week was even better, I met the cutest ball of fluff named Lucky. he was a little lamb probably less than a year old, I loved that lamb so much. While we were there we had the most mouthwatering food, it was so amazing I could only feel slightly guilty it was made with lamb. there were also two dogs: Daisy and Maisy, we herded hundreds of sheep down the hills.” -Natalie

“On the weekends I like to hang out with my friend Jason down the street or read a really good book. In the summer I like to swim and go for bike rides.” -Natalie

“Natalie is a uniquely independent, brilliant child with a very strong will and insatiable curiosity. she is very loyal to her friends and family. She loves bugs and soccer and music.  She is quite mischievous at times. She likes to climb trees.  She likes to clean toilets.  She loves hamsters and dogs and fish.  She is a gifted writer.  She likes to sing.  She is very kind to old people.  She has great political skills.  She likes Taylor Swift and pop music.” -Dad

“Natalie is strong willed and determined to do things her way regardless of your desires.  As long as I can remember she has been this way.  At age 2, I caught her stuffing toilet paper down the bathroom sink.   I asked her what she was doing and she stated simply, ” I am putting the toilet paper down the sink”.  I asked why, “Because I want to”  she stated.  I then took the time to explain why this was not a good idea.  She listened attentively and nodded.  I left but then I never saw her leave the bathroom.  I returned to find her putting the toilet paper down the sink.   Slightly exasperated, “Natalie, I just told you to stop and why”.  She nodded and stated , “But I wanted to put the toilet paper down the sink drain to see what happens.”  So this was the beginning of many more similar interactions. She is a defender and protector.  One day after school, she had the nanny arrive with the cart and she proceeded to pick up all the trash on her way home.  On her walks to school, she saves the worms on the road.  The position she plays on the soccer field is defender and few get around her.  She stands up for her friends.  In many ways,  she is a modern day super hero.” – Mom


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