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Bella – RVA Tween Photographer, Who I Am Project

I have been photographing Bella since she was about 5 years old. It has been so fun to watch her grow and I was honored to photograph a tween session with her. We had a blast!

Bella loves to play kickball, basketball, and Capture the Flag. She loves to eat lettuce wraps and pasta.

“I love horses and horseback riding.  I like art and being with my friends.” -Bella

“My dad took us to an awesome trip to NY.  We stayed in Times Square, I saw my first Broadway play (Matilda) plus Blue Man Group and another play.  We did a carriage ride through Times Square and then finished with a trip to the American Girl store on 5th Avenue.  I had a personal shopper and got my own AG doll.”

“We went to Costa Rica twice last year.  It was beautiful and we stayed right in front of a volcano.  The second time we were on the Pacific Ocean and I got to try stand up paddle boarding.” – Bella

“Bella is the coolest little girl to be around.  She is fun, warm and loving.   She loves her horses and Hess trucks.   She is very special and I wouldn’t trade her for anything! What I love most about my daughter is that even though she’s getting older, in some ways she’s still a little girl. She still wants to sleep with her parents from time to time. Her biggest achievement is her spirituality – continuing to show that she loves her God Jehovah. Bella is the best daughter any father could have.” -Daddy

“Bella is quite simply, my joy. She is funny, quick witted, social and sensitive. I enjoy watching her move through the phases of her life. Currently, she’s a cool kid to hang out with.  Our conversations can go deeper now because she’s able to reason on things, provide thoughtful feedback and ideas that I may not have considered.  I really enjoy our communication right now. Bella has always been a socially outgoing kid. We were on vacation a couple of years ago and had a long layover at the airport. We gave Bella instructions to not speak to strangers around us and she let us know they were “just friends she hadn’t met yet.”  That quality is still strong today.  We have a local restaurant we frequent near our house.  Bella walks in, pops up to the bar to speak to the staff and then starts conversations with the local patrons.   It makes me proud and scared to death at the same time!

Bella has recently discovered her writing skills. She wrote a story for school and read it to her father and me before submitting it.   We were blown away by the storyline, vocabulary and dialogue.  I didn’t know she had that kind of talent!   She was very pleased with herself and so were we!

Her best way to make me laugh is when she tries to make up jokes.   They are TERRIBLY bad!   And she knows it!   She keeps it up and enjoys watching us groan and make faces at these really bad jokes!

I tell Bella that she is by far, the best thing I’ve ever done. She’s helped me see the importance of being in the moment – and incorporating her into those moments wherever possible.   She also helps me realize I don’t need to take myself so seriously all the time. I am immensely proud to be her mom.  ” -Mommy

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