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Sabrina – RVA Tween Photographer, Who I Am Project

Sabrina came in for a Who I Am session and brought her beloved puppy, Athena. We had so much fun!

Sabrina loves horseback riding and hugging Athena. She loves to eat Fettuccine Alfredo and spends time playing outside with her friends. 

“We went on a Disney cruise last summer. I loved being on the cruise. The restaurant last had delicious food. The food was my favorite part. We went snorkeling and saw some islands.  I liked the Tour we took in Tortola too.”- Sabrina

Our daughter is a very intelligent, kind, and insightful child.  Sabrina is filled with wonder and curiosity. She is compassionate and wants everyone to be happy.  Her laughter and glee make me happy no matter what is happening in my life. She sings beautifully.  She can teach herself to play on the piano music she’s heard without having seen the sheet music.  She has a firm grasp on scientific method and how to use it to make inferences that are often correct.

I have many happy memories with her. One particular memory that I’m fond of is dealing with the sun.  I had been telling her things about the natural world and how earth orbits around the sun but I wasn’t quite sure she was listening.  Her favorite show at 2 years of age told it’s audience that Mr. Sun was going to sleep.  At 3 years old we were driving somewhere and the son was setting and I said to Sabrina “Look Sabrina, Mr. Sun is going to sleep.” to which she replied “No Daddy!  The sun is not going to sleep, it’s going to China!”” – Dad

“Sabrina is a sweet, intelligent, loving person. She has an amazing heart and great sense of humor. She adores her family and friends. She is loyal, kind, and generous with all that she has. She works hard in school, which shows in her excellent grades. She enjoys horseback riding and art class, takes piano lessons, and likes to sing. She always seems to have a song in her head and sometimes sings i even realizing it.  And she’s beautiful, both on the outside and within. She’s gaining a lot of analytical ability and shows a great aptitude for science and social studies. Her sense of humor bowls us over sometimes–she has a quick wit. She’s growing more mature, which makes her a lot of fun, but she’s still that sweet little girl that we adore. She makes me enjoy life more. I was such a serious person–much more serious than I realized. Sabrina loves being silly, playing games, doing fun things. She’s given me permission and has provided me a reason to relax and have fun.” -Mom


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